Caja del Campeón Pinups

A few months back, I collaborated on a project with my friends Joel and Marla of Natural Selection Design, where I was asked to illustrate two pinup girls for stickers that will go into gentlemen’s valets in the form of a vintage cigar boxes. You can check out and buy the final products over at Caja del Campeón; I have one of the boxes myself and, damn, it looks good :D

Here are the progress shots for the first pinup:

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Thank You, Jon M. Chu: Spoiler-y Musings on G.I.Joe: Retaliation

When I saw G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra, I thought that the movie was so bad, I wanted to leave the theater halfway through the film. The only enjoyable moment in that movie for me was when Lee Byung Hun tore off his clothes in his last fight with Snake Eyes (okay, I liked all of the scenes he was in, but that one was the best).

When I heard they were doing a sequel, I had no interest in it whatsoever until I heard that LBH was reprising his role as Storm Shadow and that Jon M. Chu was directing it. Still, I had my doubts.

I like Jon M. Chu’s work, but I’ve only really seen his Step Up movies and dance battle vidoes on YouTube (I haven’t been able to watch LXD yet). As for LBH, he’s an extremely talented actor (as I found out after watching almost his entire filmography), and although his role as Storm Shadow didn’t really show how good of an actor he is, he’s still damn fine eye candy.

I have to admit, I finally did get excited about the film when the first few trailers started to appear on the interwebs. I was even disappointed when they said that they were delaying it’s release. By the start of March, the anticipation was almost intolerable.

I finally got to watch it last night with Q and all I could say was: “Thank you, Jon M. Chu.”

The wait was worth it. I agree with io9’s review: “Between the entertainment on screen and the brisk pacing, there’s practically no time to think about the film’s plot holes and problems.” But seriously, the G.I.Joe universe never really made that much sense in the first place; who cares about the story?

Bottom line: It’s a great action film that is very fun to watch, and Jon M. Chu really does deserve an Academy Award for “Best Transformation of Shit into Gold” (got that from io9).

My own spoiler-y musings after the jump:
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2013 Q1 Highlights

The first three months of 2013 was mostly centered around work and trying to lose weight. Though I’ve only lost a total of 4 pounds since the last time I updated this blog, I’m happy to report that I finally fit back into my old clothes. And, yes, including the size 26 skinny shorts that has been taunting me for the past few years.

That’s not really all the I’ve been up to though. There’s a bunch of other things that I’ve been doing:

Learning how to cook – I bought a toaster oven and realized how easily I can cook delicious meals with it like roasted veggies and baked chicken and fish. I loved it so much that soon I was wishing I had a bigger oven so I could cook more food at the same time. Luckily, my friend had an extra Turbo roaster and so I got my wish.

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Food Diary: December 17, 2012

I’m on a diet, once again, and the majority of my thoughts lately has been about food. I love to cook and I SUPER love to eat (which is why I’m fat), so I’m trying out keeping a food diary of sorts, as a way to keep track of what I eat (which will hopefully guilt me into eating healthier). This isn’t meant to be a daily thing, but I took pictures of almost everything I ate today so I’m posting them here!


Breakfast: boiled egg, steamed kangkong, lentils stir-fried with onions, and some tomatoes. Also, a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of honey. One of the reasons why I got fat was I kept drinking lots and lots of instant 3-in-1 coffee that had lots and lots of sugar. I consumed, at most, 4 cups of sugary coffee a day, which was probably way worse than when I had a milk tea addiction. Now I take my coffee without creamer or sugar, sometimes with honey, sometimes with vanilla flavoring. I have only 2 cups max a day now.


Lunch: Roasted chicken livers, and basically the same of everything else from breakfast. The chicken livers was a part of my toaster experiments: I tried wrapping them in aluminum foil before putting them onto the pan, but after 20 minutes, they still looked a bit uncooked, so I got rid of the foil, and toasted the livers for another 10 minutes.


Dinner: half of the pre-made salad from Goolai that I bought from the grocery, 4 small slices of papaya, and roasted chicken. For the chicken, I only coated it a bit with garlic powder, salt, and tarragon and popped it into toaster for about 25 minutes.

Sometime during the day, I also had my second cup of coffee and about 3 tiny pieces of candy that I used to control my cigarette cravings.

I think this has been a fairly healthy day of eating (unless I binge on instant noodles later). I’m supposed to be following the Slow-Carb diet, which has worked for me before, but I almost went nuts the last time, so I am allowing fruits and the occasional dairy in my diet this time around.

Fights, Dwarves, Moustaches, and Toasters

Long story short, although my average daily consumption is still about 5 cigs a day, I’ve been getting better at managing the cravings this week. I’ve also been able to keep my diet and mental health in check, and I’ve also managed to get more exercise this week by playing a lot of Dance Central. Next week, I’ll be pushing a little more to reduce the cigarettes and hopefully bring my average down significantly.

In other news, there’s been a lot of things I’ve been meaning to write about from the last two weeks that I never got to, so here they are in photos:


Q and I don’t fight a lot, so for our anniversary, Q got me The King of Fighters.


So we fought while Sushi slept on the Xbox.


And then we watched the premiere of The Hobbit in Glorietta…


…where I got cozy with some sexy dwarves.


Q and I grew moustaches.


I bought a toaster.


and cooked this


and this.